Master On New Technologies Using Services

The "Master On New Technologies Using Services" (MONTUS) is a project funded by the EU through the Erasmus+ Capacity Building programme for three years (2019-2021) with a total contribution of approximately 1 MEuro.

The project is coordinated by the Université de Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès (France), and the University of Ferrara contributes to the project with the research group coordinated by Prof. E. Luppi (Dept. of Physics and Earth Sciences), including Prof. L. Tomassetti (Dept. of Physics and Earth Sciences) and Prof. S.F. Schifano (Dep. of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences).

The activities of MONTUS are focused on the same line of the previous EU Erasmus+ Capacity Building TORUS project, ran by the same team and ended in 2018. In particular, the research is mainly focused on the development of new technologies based on cloud computing and big data analytics, for managing and analysis of data collected from different sources, like satellite images and sensor networks. MONTUS aims to develop an integrated approach to study and understand fundamental phenomena in the field of enviromental sciences, and to promote the use of these methodologies in the South-East Asia partner members. Moreover, research topis in the field of bio-diversity, agricolture, urban microclima and management of urban environment are also part of the  actvities of the project. The goal of the project is to create an innovative MASTER school able to train students and provide them inter-disciplinary skills ranging from enviromental sciences and computing analysis to face and solve complex problem in the field of Earth Sciences.  

Beyond UNIFE and Université de Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, the other members of MONTUS are l'École internationale des sciences du traitement de l’information di Pau (Francia), l'Université Vrije di Bruxelles (Belgio), il Vietnam National University di Hanoï (Vietnam), l'Università Nong Lam di Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), l'Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) di Pathumthani (Thailandia), l'università Walailak di Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thailandia), l'Institute of technology of Cambogia (Cambogia), la Royal University of Fine Arts (Cambogia),  la Hanoi University of Architecture (Vietnam), e la Da Nang University (Vietnam).

Link to the official MONTUS projetc: Master On New Technologies Using Services